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Le 23ème Reflet Mondial de la Photographie

The guest of honor: Harry Fayt

Presentation :

Harry Fayt is a young Belgian photographer whose work focuses primarily on aesthetic research related to the theme of water. As for many artists both past and present, the feminine figure, epitome of beauty, fascinates, influences and guides him in his artistic evolution. He has chosen to photograph the feminine bodies under the water a natural and vital component of life, pure and complex. Series after series, new elements appear with each experiment inspiring the next, so as to finally, as though an alchemist of beauty, achieve esthetic transcendence… Beauty in it purest form.
For some reasons which it is impossible to him to explain, since he’s 4, Harry Fayt never liked to swim at the surface, as being underwater would be a second nature for him. In this kind of photography all falls within the challenge: the technical, security, models, scen- ery. It is a constant challenge of stratagems and creativity for Harry Fayt and his team. The larger the project, the more exciting it is.
In its aquatic nudes, Harry Fayt seeks for beauty, purity, the surrealism. He likes to magnify the feminine body, seeing it evolving without any external pressure, no resistance.The body, its curves, curves as it is impossible to see otherwise. In all his work, his leitmotiv is to create the improbable, the non-existent and awake the curiosities...

Portrait Harry Fayt

Harry Fayt

 © www.harryfayt.com

La Fille au Poisson Rouge

La fille au Poisson Rouge

© www.harryfayt.com


Born in 1979 in Belgium, Harry Fayt has a revelation at 15 years old looking through fashion magazines. As many of the teenagers, he’s fascinate by models but photographers who sublime them with fantastic photographs fascinate him as much. That’s where starts his passion for fashion photography.

It’s around 16, dreaming about photographing great models that he starts a study of photography in Namur. Once he got his degree, not very self confident enough yet, he’s shooting live music performance through Europe for the musical press.

In 2006 Harry Fayt opens his studio in Liège. Three years later he invests in underwater photographic equipments and starts shooting babies underwater but quickly after testing with friends the good result take him back to fashion photog- raphy, underwater.

However, his curiosity gets him to settle down in New York to open a new studio. Unfortunately that was a short dream, reaching the success after only 7 months, legal papers issues push him out of US and so, to come back to Belgium.

Once back in Belgium in parallel with his fashion and underwater portraits, he starts a personal project which brings him back to essential, « the woman » in it’s purest form, the nude.

Step by step, his work evolves and finds itself a new audience; the art world of galleries and collectors. Harry Fayt’s sub aquatic nudes attract a very special atten- tion by their originality and singularity.

In 2013 it is Brussels which offers him his very first exhibition which he chains very fast with diverse shows in Brussels and in Paris. In October, 2013 Harry Fayt becomes an artist quoted further to the sale of a unique work to Cornet of Saint-Cyr (French military academy) Brussels. Harry Fayt is now for the conquest of the biggest artistic capitals while immortalizing a work which he wants more and more surrealist.

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