Le club photo ARTEC présente

Le 23ème Reflet Mondial de la Photographie

Presentation of the 23rd "Reflet mondial de la photographie"

M. Alfred Gadenne 

Mayor of Mouscron

Time is a pitiless judge 


When the objective is to measure the quality of a cultural asset, one can use several yardsticks: the recognition of the specialists, the answer of the public, the interest of the media …

These witnesses have a serious flaw: they are sensitive to fads

However, the fashion becomes old-fashion.

The real barometer is time

Years don’t have a catch on the true artists.

Only the main exhibitions escape the status of shooting stars.

I note that the the “Reflet Mondial de la Photographie” is on its 23rd edition!

This figure is worth all speeches, all the chronicles, all the opinions…

The “Reflet Mondial de la Photographie” is impossible to overlook.

It is the image which the “PHOTO-CLUB Artec” brought on the baptismal font that defies time in its company.

What is worth to me, by this present one, and in the name of the “mouscronnoise” population, is to pay a cordial farewell in sincere tribute as well to the “Reflet Mondial de la Photographie” as to the “PHOTO-CLUB Artec.



Alfred Gadenne

Mayor of Mouscron

M. Michel Franceus

Alderman of cultural affairs

The « hic et nunc » in question  

There an then in question 


Little by little, Still images lose their credit because there is such a continuous flow of actions images submerging our everyday life.

However, the instantaneous image keeps all its interest because it raises the vision at the level of idea and takes part much better in the memory construction, an ability which during this century of continuous scenarios is largely depreciated.

Thus thanks to our photographers who continue to collect the moment to draw reference from it, and lead the spectator to question himself on its status of witness, stimulous of our memory.


Michel Franceus
Alderman of cultural affairs